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Janome Parts

janome sewing machines
Janome sewing machines are the catalyst to your sewing creativity. Protect the tool that is your Janome sewing machine with quality Janome parts from the Sew Shop. Despite all of the new models with the latest features, it can be tough to abandon a mature dependable Janome sewing machine that has served you well for many years. No one ever wants to think of their Janome Sewing machine as outdated, so the Sew Shop makes every effort to carry most common and hard-to-find Janome parts to keep your project on the right sewing track.    

The longer you've had your Janome sewing machine, the more difficult it can be to find the Janome parts you need. The Janome experts can assist you in tracking down the exact Janome parts you require. In fact, the Sew Shop carries a larger variety of Janome parts on-hand than the manufacturer.

Once you've found the right Janome parts, you've only solved part of your problem.

Finding the right Janome part for your sewing machine is a step in the right direction, however, you need skilled hands to install it and ensure the reliability of your Janome sewing machine. The Sew Shop not only has your Janome parts, it also has the expertise to install the Janome parts that will restore your Janome sewing machine to new out-of-the-box condition.

The Sew Shop carries a large variety of , including the following:
  • Janome Bobbins
  • Janome Prewound Bobbins
  • Janome Felting Needles
  • Janome Needles
  • Janome Straight Stitch Plate
  • Janome Feet
  • Janome Binder Foot
  • Janome Zipper Foot
  • Janome AcuFeed Foot
  • Janome Border Guide
  • Janome Free Motion Quilt Foot
  • Janome Bobbin Holder

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After buying your Janome sewing machine, the best Janome part purchase may be buying sewing machine furniture.

At the Sew Shop, choose from a variety of sewing machine cabinets, sewing furniture, sewing machine bags and sewing machine carrying cases for the proper storing and transporting of your Janome sewing machine. You  can carve out your own personal sewing workspace to complete your sewing projects. With a sewing cabinet or sewing desk, your sewing machine and all the sewing accessories you need will be within reach. Extend your sewing time with a comfortable sewing chair that allows you to move around your sewing machine to monitor every angle of your sewing project. When you need to transport your Janome sewing machine, you won't risk damaging it with a Universal sewing machine case or a Blue Fig sewing machine bag from the Sew Shop.

At the Sew Shop, we carry the following sewing machine furniture brands:
  • Arrow Sewing Cabinets
  • Kangeroo Kabinets
  • Koala Sewing Cabinets

Read more about it on our Sewing Machine Furniture page.

The Sew Shop carries a variety of Janome parts. Visit one of our local sewing centers or call the Sew Shop at 888-873-9822. For our online customers, feel free to call us or use the convenient contact form below to submit any questions you may have about Janome parts.

Find out more about our Janome sewing machine products and our other embroidery products.

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